b. 1988, Zwolle, The Netherlands Lives and works in Nijmegen
 Maria Dabrowski has a MA in Fine Arts, Photography at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium 
 and a BA in Photography at University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The origin of Maria Dabrowski’s work can be traced back to documentary photography. Her long-term projects, which portray considerable involvement, are often represented in photo-installations and in book form.
Her research and photographic work in which (cultural) identity serves as a foundation, result into personal works in which feelings of displacement often are strong. In Memed, “Every day is a different day” (2009) she attempts to step in the shoes of Memed, a refugee from Iran. For fifteen years, he led an illegal life in Utrecht. The photography and personal letter to memed included in the bookwork, focuses on the elusiveness of his existence and constricting way of living. In Konik (2010) she questions the efforts to restore nature to its 'wild' original state whereby offspring of Konik horses were brought back from Poland to the Netherlands. Ironically, during this striving to a self-reliant ecosystem, these 'wild' horses had to meet strict visual and behavioural requirements. If they don’t, they end up in the slaughterhouse.
Maria approached this subject on purpose in a visually utopian way; the animal as a part of ‘free’ nature. Contrasting to this, she used the microchips, DNA materials and other information about the horses. For her project Odsłonić She further explores her series Back Home(2013) in which she started to investigate her personal family history and roots in the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.


2014 – 2015 MA in Visual Arts, Photography with Honours, LUCA School of Arts Brussels.
2006 – 2010 BA in Photography with Honours, University of the Arts Utrecht. 2000 – 2006 Culture and Society, HAVO, High School, Karel de Grote College Nijmegen. EXHIBITIONS
2019 B#Side War festival Venice/Treviso Italy. Project: Odsłonić. (group) From 11/01/2019 to 24/02/2019 Exhibition: For a human geography of war / @ B#Side Gallery 2018 '99+1' Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen. Project: Odsłonić. (group) 2018 Helsinki Photo Festival ‘From Helsinki With Love’. Galleria Futura Project: ‘Eden’ 2017 Konik - Rewilding process (2010) DerdeWal@Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen: herky-jerky (Group) 2017 Konik - Rewilding process (2010) and Odsłonić (2015-in process) - 13th to 27th May - New Era Art Foundation, Kraków, Poland. 2015 Kunst op de Koffie, Spijkerkwartier, Arnhem.
2015 Graduation exhibition Masters photography of LUCA School of Arts, De Markten Brussels. Project: Odsłonić
 2015 Green Yellow and Black, curated by Lieven Segers at LUCA Gallery, Brussels. Project: Piece of Heaven (Group) 2015 Masters photo LUCA School of Arts, Lara Bongaerts & Maria Dabrowski at Recyclart, Brussels 2014 Gelders Balkon 23, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem. "Every day is a different day." (solo)
2014 Prospects & Concepts - Mondriaan Fund, Art Rotterdam. (group)
2013 Back home - work in progress, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine. (solo)
2013 CODE 207 work in progress with Sanne Cobussen. Fundraising for the Refugees Church, Amsterdam (group)
2012 Flatland Gallery Utrecht. FOTODOK: Verzamelplaats, verhalen uit het Utrechtse landschap. Project; Memed. (Group)
2012 Library of Medical Sciences / CBK, Radboud university medical center. Project: Rezeda, 2010 (group)
2012 Etalage Derde Wal Nijmegen. Dialogues 4: Maria Dabrowski & Sanne Cobussen: CODE 207 (duo)
2011 All The Things You Are. Series of self-portraits; untitled. Gallery of the University of the Arts Utrecht. (group)
2010 Fotoleggendo, Rome. Photobook exhibition. Konik, verwilderings process 2010 Christie's auction, Young in Prison, photo-exhibition, Amsterdam (Group) BOOKS / PUBLICATIONS 
 2018/2019 Upcoming book Odsłonić
 - Maria Dabrowski, book design; Studio another day. 2016 Photography for the album: Yaleesa Hall - Woodall
2015 Online portfolio, New Dawn, a platform for contemporary Dutch photography.“Maria Dabrowski’s zoektocht naar haar familiegeschiedenis”
2015 MA thesis: (Cultural) Identity & Family history / Memory in Contemporary Art 'Seeking for universal dimensions in family history’. Tutors: Marie-Pascale Gildemyn / Els Opsomer. LUCA - School of Arts, Brussels
2014 Joanneke Meester Calendar: 'I am not doing anything until I feel the need.’ 2014 Mister Motley about the solo exhibition; Maria Dabrowski "Every day is a different day." - Museum of Modern Art Arnhem.
2014 Art Rotterdam Catalogue Mondriaan Fund Prospects & Concepts.
2011 Online publication: : Een beeldige zaterdag - Maria Dabrowski augustus 13, 2011
2011 Playground: Masterclass at Kahmann Gallery - portfolio
2010 Rezeda’ (handmade book)
2010 Konik, verwilderings process (handmade book)
2009 Memed. “Every day is a different day” (Handmade book)
2008 Mai aproape' Romanian street musicians (handmade book)
2012 New Dutch Photography Talent- GUP, 100 emerging photographers.
2010 Bachelor Thesis: ‘DIASPORA & ECOLOGY’. Tutor: Pepijn Van de Port. University of the Arts Utrecht
2009 Newspaper Straatnieuws: 'The hidden lives of Eastern European Utrechters’. No 03. RADIO / TELEVISION
 2015 Radio: Brussel FM World - short interview about the Master project; Odsłonić.
2014 Dutch Television show: Koffie Tijd. Mentioning of the solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem."Every day is a different day." GRANTS & NOMINATIONS
 2018 'runner-up' Photographique Analogue Award 2018 Bristol
 2013 Mondriaan Fund - Visual art grant. Stipendium for Emerging Artists.
2009 Nominated for Mr. Motley; Talent Top 3 OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE 2016 Photography workshop teacher at TADA, Toekomst Atelier del Avenir, Brussels
2016 Presentation about the forthcoming book Odsłonić, together with Brave books Berlin at Le Monte-en-l'air - PUNTO de FUGA – The Experimental Book Platform During Paris Photo 2016. Poetics and intimacy in landscape photography. 2016 – August. Intern - education department at MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow.
2016 January-July - Care coordinator at Lutgardis elementary school, Brussels.
2015 Master-Apprentice course at Annaleen Louwes. 2015 Flyering, marketing support bij BOZAR, Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussel.

2012-2014 Participant of the Art Collective Derde Wal Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
2010 Kahmann Gallery Masterclass 2009 Internships at: Jitka Hanzlová, Diana Scherer & Sara Blokland.