Birth of a Mother (2020)

Maria Dabrowski

€ 28,-

Photographer Maria Dabrowski was given the opportunity to witness the transformation of a woman into a mother. A seismic neurological and hormonal shift which breaks open the tectonic plates of the self to make space for a shared identity. A wooden alcove bathing in warm rosy light symbolizes a universe turning inwards on itself. The mother's calculated gaze towards the camera and her self-aware pose gradually change into a total devotion to carrying a new life. 

Mother and child are blissfully dependent on each other. They form a singular existence. They long for each other's skin, scent and closeness.

Not the world, but the mother is the first home of a child. The first 'place' it relates itself to and a mirror in which it can trace the contours of the self. It can develop a consciousness of its own from the nurturing safety the mother provides. 

Dabrowski has captured this intimate 'Motherland' in all its vulnerability and silent heroism. The photographs are metaphoric and contemplative as much as they are empathetic and inspired. As if the photographer reflects on the touch of her own mother through documenting this young woman.

Emiel van der Pol


Edition: 250, first 50 signed (signed copies are out of stock)

Specs Edition size: 250
Design: Studio Another Day
Printer: Lenoirschuring/ Zwaan Printmedia
Number of pages: 36
Number of photographs: 24 (analogue)
Size: 23,5 x 29,7 cm, 14,8 x 21,7 cm and 10,0 x 14,5 cm (bundled booklets)
Inside: Arctic Volume White, MUNKEN Polar Rough and Keaykolour particles moonlight
Lithography: Marco Kokkelkoren
Technical notes: Singer stitch
Silkscreen: Envelope is screen printed at Kurtface
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