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The book consists of a collection of photographs that were taken in the years from 2013 through 2016. I documented a personal research into the “roots” of my family which brought me to Poland and Ukraine and I reveal a story of expatriation, war crimes and traumas. The Polish title ‘odsłonić’ translates as “reveal” or “open”.

In 2015 I decided to journey to Ukraine together with my mother. In Ukraine my mother met the family members on her father’s side and she came in touch with her father’s past for the first time.

Edition size: 500
Number of pages: 96
Number of (analog) photographs: 49
Width: 210mm
Height: 280 mm
Price: € 38,-

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21 x 28 cm / 96 pages / 49 (analog) photographs / full colour / softcover / Printer Cassochrome / Design Yorick de Vries / 38 euro (excl. shipping)