SYNC (2023) - special edition

Maria Dabrowski

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“In SYNC, photographs are hidden behind flaps and are printed on highly matt paper. They have pastel colors, yet are dark and grainy at the same time. Often, they show traces of human presence in either exteriors or interiors. There are also images of close-ups of eyes, showing people in contemplative states, looking outside of the frame. SYNC comments on the fast-paced idea of perception and experience of time nowadays. In this technologically and profit-driven consumer culture, our inner selves seem to be highly destabilized when looking at the mental health statistics where the numbers of people with depression and anxiety disorders are increasing. SYNC instead proposes an alternative to this accelerated rhythm we are all currently facing. Maria invites us to introspect, to find moments to zoom out, and especially time for ourselves. The idea of a balanced mindset and a sense of shared responsibility almost seems too abstract in the current climate. Through thoughtful design, it feels that we have entered an alternative time zone in SYNC, the one where time flows slower and there is no outside pressure of having the urge to accelerate. It’s a zone of looking inward, both physically by searching for the hidden images in the book and metaphorically, within our psyches.” —Linda Zhengová

SYNC calls for reflection in times when technological progress is accelerating. Taking part in the “manufactured” world seems to matter more in the 21st century than coming to one’s senses. To circumvent a hyper-modern society that largely exists online, Dabrowski seeks a new balance. As people increasingly struggle with burnouts and mental issues continue to become more apparent in our fast-paced, demanding world, ‘Sync’ looks to shed new light on a more subjective and natural rhythm, with attention for everyday details. The series of analogue photographs enter a layered interaction with the book design developed in collaboration with Studio Another Day and text written by Joris van Merwijk. The dark-colored pages show the viewing time in milliseconds and the photographs are hidden behind flaps, subconsciously this triggers the viewer’s expectation. The project is about consuming, processing and slowing down.

Awarded for the PX3 - Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Bronze) and nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards 2023.


Appeared on: April 24th. 2023

Language: Dutch / English

ISBN: 9789462264779

Additional technical notes: Papers: 90 grs EOS 2.0, 120 grs Genesis Black, cover: 280 grs Invercote G. 40 fold-outs and swiss bound. The book starts and ends with an section on black paper; with two layers of white, a silver layer and finally cmy.


All books + prints are numbered and signed.

Studio photos with gray the background are taken by: Studio Another Day (2023)

Specs Edition size: 30
copyright: maria dabrowski
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