SYNC nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards

SYNC nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards


SYNC nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards

Today we received the great news that photo book SYNC has been nominated for the Dutch Creativity Awards! 


SYNC starts with soft portraits, printed on black paper. We only see part of the face where the eyes are almost closed. This closedness continues in the book because each photo is carefully hidden between the folded black pages. The left pages show the viewing time in milliseconds. Subconsciously, this triggers the viewer's expectation. “ The project is about consuming, processing and slowing down. This is how the idea of ​​folding the pages was born. Because you have to unfold every page, you automatically have to slow down.” At the same time, it enhances the intimacy of the images. “The idea behind the portraits of young people looking at their mobile phones, is that they sink into another world and cannot be reached. To me that is symbolic of this time. I emphasize that they are a kind of liquid worlds that we move between all the time. We don't know yet how these rapid changes will affect us”.


Excerpt from an interview by Diana Bokje, for PF Photography magazine



Get your copy by DM/webshop or order online at (a.o):

Lecturis Publishers,

Tipi Bookshop / Idea Books



Yorick de Vries, Niek Does-Maresch : Studio Another Day & Maria Dabrowski 

Book text: Joris van Merwijk

Lithography: Sebastiaan Hanekroot - Colour and Books

Production; Jos Morree - Fine Books


Sjoerd Los – Cultiveer 

Printing:  Drukkerij Wilco

Bookbinding: Boekbinderij van Mierlo, Nijmegen 

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